Saturday, 20 December 2008

Hello all. A Challenge.

see and Athletico tortured artists fc have set up there own teams.

Start your own Artist football team. Chris Poolman of Athletico, Birmingham is organising a artist football association.


love Nat.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Hello again

Dear all,
Had a great time in Liverpool and sorry to miss out on all the new networking spin-offs (visit etc.) since The Winner Takes It All? event.

I'm on this blog site because of a local debate/issues down South London - concerning possible Peckham Biennale. I'm not sure we're looking at the Liverpool Biennale as a model. However in the fact that the programme in Liverpool is trying to do something different - trying to engage with locality and with the situation as is - as opposed to a model of the art 'festival' that's more about parachuting in International Artists.

It would be great to hear some thoughts from outside London - as I always feel that South of the River is a Region (seperated from London) - and in that respect has very different ethos/culture to offer (just as Liverpool say has). Any way stuff the Regions analogy as the local/glocal is where things really can and do happen.

Any thoughts.


Sunday, 16 November 2008

Monday, 3 November 2008


Just to say how much I enjoyed the visit to Liverpool - and you all looking after us. 
I think Manchester sounds a good idea - up for that.

J x 

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Super Troopers!

Again more thanks to everyone that made such a a great weekend possible, it was a real privilege to be a part of this event. The amount of effort you all put in is really appreiciated. Not only have you opened my eyes to the word of liverpool....but also the world of blogging!My first ever post!

As Charlie said in his email, lets hope this network can stem beyond this event, and we get the chance to experience other peoples home cities!As we said to quite a few there are a couple of events in Rainy Manchester in the next couple of weeks, this Friday (the witching hour!) there are open studios at Suite and Islington Mill and then on the following Thursday (6th of November, there are 3 preveiws in Manchester, one at the Zion, a community arts space curated by Laura (Royal Standard), one at the Cornerhouse and then one at International 3, I will email everyone with links to the shows, but if you want to come please get in touch and we will give you a Manchester mini tour!

With regards to song lyrics, if we are staying on the liverpool theme.........we could go back to the 90's with Space, "Oh, If you find the time please come and stay a while, In my beautiful Neighbourhood"

Will post more images later,
Liz x

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Thanks Winners

My thanks to Jim and everyone at The Royal, Red Wire and Static. And thank you to my fellow delegates. Liverpool was an eye-opener. It has helped me formulate new strategies in the pursuit of an artist-led culture in sunny Worcester. I will endeavor to load more photos in coming weeks.
Thanks again to everyone.

Monday, 27 October 2008


Thanks so much to Jim and all the Liverpool artists, who made it a really special and amazing weekend. I really enjoyed meeting everyone from across the UK and hope to keep in touch with everyone. I think none of us will forget our Formule 1 experience, which is already taking on a rosy glow in my memory...I will put up some of my photos on the Blog as I sort them, so here are a few for now...The resource is assembled: really pleased to hear from Jim that everyone's contributions look set to form the foundations of a permanent resource for the Liverpool artists; it seemed like all of the information which people brought from their various Cities and spaces represent a unique map of artist led activity in the UK, and could be the start of something really useful and interesting.It was really fascinating to look around the various spaces in Liverpool, and see the varying studio provision; for me this was one of the most interesting elements of the weekend, and was certainly a unique take on 'Culture in Liverpool' which is not as easily accessible as the more formal/obvious art spaces in the City.The Royal Standard building was fantastic; and I look forward to following what you all get up to...and hopefully visiting again in future.Here are some of the Delegates at the Bluecoat.
More pictorial highlights later...looking forward to seeing some of your snaps too.

Cheers Royal Standard and Redwire

for everything this weekend. Back in sunny Cardiff. Good to meet everyone, will look at how this could happen in Cardiff. It is so vital such artist-led initiatives exist, we're like the honey bees and you know what happens when they die out(!)  I know I wittered on abit 
with a council head on but I was a cuckoo in the nest. I think it is difficult for artist-led space to become  part of the establishment or say be council revenue funded by the local authority. While sustained practise and activity for galleries are everything, as is simply the reality of working your b*llocks off and wanting to feel wanted in your city. On the other foot- If you dont need them or have to compromise what you believe then why court them? I think if you can develop a working relationship with a local authority while keeping them at arms distance your onto a winner. 
Ive been trying to think of a song that sums up the weekend in the vein of 'The Winner takes it all' Looked at 'the bees', quite sad lyrics but maybe the Coral 'Pass it on'....
any suggestions? While I recommend Gary's Festival Ale x 
The Coral
'When it's done
And all this is gone
Just find the feeling pass it on....'

Friday, 24 October 2008

And the weekend got off to an early start at Laurence Payot's Re-presentation private view in Garston, last night.

new post: gone but not forgotten, original post: Hi ya

new post: hasn't time flown by - radio controlled aeroplanes

original post: Really looking forward to meeting with you today in Liverpool - thanks to Jim for organising this blog - think it will be a great way to share our experiences and keep in touch after the event!

See you all later on


Thursday, 23 October 2008

Hello all

Just to say hi all before hand, thanks to Jim and a big hello to Jaime - I'm sharing a room with. There seems to be tonnes of events going on in liverpool this weekend.
Looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Hi all

Thanks to Jim for setting up this blog, looking forward to this weekend.

Friday, 17 October 2008

1 week to go!

The Winner Takes It All? is only 1 week away!

The event will see The Royal Standard and Red Wire host 25 artists giving them the opportunity to experience the Capital of Culture and debate what the title means to artists. Many of the artists have connections with other Capitals of Culture, Vilnius (2009), Istanbul (2010) and Glasgow (1990) or cities short-listed for the 2008 award.

The 3 day event will culminate in a lively debate reviewing the weekend’s activity and discussing the meaning of the capital of culture to artists. We'll look at the opportunities generated and the affect there's been on the culture of the city. Has nomination created a positive effect in other cities or does the winner take it all?