Friday, 17 October 2008

1 week to go!

The Winner Takes It All? is only 1 week away!

The event will see The Royal Standard and Red Wire host 25 artists giving them the opportunity to experience the Capital of Culture and debate what the title means to artists. Many of the artists have connections with other Capitals of Culture, Vilnius (2009), Istanbul (2010) and Glasgow (1990) or cities short-listed for the 2008 award.

The 3 day event will culminate in a lively debate reviewing the weekend’s activity and discussing the meaning of the capital of culture to artists. We'll look at the opportunities generated and the affect there's been on the culture of the city. Has nomination created a positive effect in other cities or does the winner take it all?

1 comment:

Barry the Badger said...

I am looking forward to peeping at a new city and infecting it with my own peculiar sense of humour. That being the politest description of what will happen.
More accurate:
a weekend of debate, drunkeness, disdain, detestaton, deterioration, desolation, distance, depicition, desperation and other activities beginning with d but not necessarily in that order.