Monday, 27 October 2008

Cheers Royal Standard and Redwire

for everything this weekend. Back in sunny Cardiff. Good to meet everyone, will look at how this could happen in Cardiff. It is so vital such artist-led initiatives exist, we're like the honey bees and you know what happens when they die out(!)  I know I wittered on abit 
with a council head on but I was a cuckoo in the nest. I think it is difficult for artist-led space to become  part of the establishment or say be council revenue funded by the local authority. While sustained practise and activity for galleries are everything, as is simply the reality of working your b*llocks off and wanting to feel wanted in your city. On the other foot- If you dont need them or have to compromise what you believe then why court them? I think if you can develop a working relationship with a local authority while keeping them at arms distance your onto a winner. 
Ive been trying to think of a song that sums up the weekend in the vein of 'The Winner takes it all' Looked at 'the bees', quite sad lyrics but maybe the Coral 'Pass it on'....
any suggestions? While I recommend Gary's Festival Ale x 
The Coral
'When it's done
And all this is gone
Just find the feeling pass it on....'

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