Monday, 27 October 2008


Thanks so much to Jim and all the Liverpool artists, who made it a really special and amazing weekend. I really enjoyed meeting everyone from across the UK and hope to keep in touch with everyone. I think none of us will forget our Formule 1 experience, which is already taking on a rosy glow in my memory...I will put up some of my photos on the Blog as I sort them, so here are a few for now...The resource is assembled: really pleased to hear from Jim that everyone's contributions look set to form the foundations of a permanent resource for the Liverpool artists; it seemed like all of the information which people brought from their various Cities and spaces represent a unique map of artist led activity in the UK, and could be the start of something really useful and interesting.It was really fascinating to look around the various spaces in Liverpool, and see the varying studio provision; for me this was one of the most interesting elements of the weekend, and was certainly a unique take on 'Culture in Liverpool' which is not as easily accessible as the more formal/obvious art spaces in the City.The Royal Standard building was fantastic; and I look forward to following what you all get up to...and hopefully visiting again in future.Here are some of the Delegates at the Bluecoat.
More pictorial highlights later...looking forward to seeing some of your snaps too.

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